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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  October 19, 2017 4:00pm-5:00pm AST

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but we struck up a relationship this is a dialogue tweet us with hash tag eight a stream and one of your pitches might make them actually join the global conversation at this time on al-jazeera. with a big breaking news story can be chaotic and frantic behind the scenes. people shouting instructions and you're trying to provide the best most accurate up to date information as quickly as you can. it's when you come off being seen pinned that you realize you witnessed history in the making. this is al-jazeera.
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so robert you're watching the al-jazeera news our life my headquarters here in doha coming up in the next sixty minutes on iraq and we know he has not answered our request and we will trigger article one five five spain's government plans to strip catalonia of its autonomy and take control of the region deepening the country's political crisis. also at least forty three afghan soldiers were killed and at the time called of military base claimed by the taliban. pakistan's former prime minister nawaz sharif his daughter and son in law are all adopted for corruption. or the latest sports news the n.f.l. says it will not force flows to stand for the national anthem more on that story plus on paul reese in the netherlands where norway's women's football team is about to play their first world cup qualifier since they secured a historic equal pay day all with the man.
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welcome to the news hour we start in europe where the spanish government is preparing to suspend catalonia is autonomy after catalan leaders ignored a final deadline to drops the session plans of the catalan president charles puter more threatened to call a vote in the regional parliament donz the session if madrid refused to enter into talks now the tense standoff between the regional and central governments began three weeks ago when the catalans pro independence leadership held a referendum on breaking from spain a poll of the dreads that was actually illegal that spain's government will meet on saturday to invoke article one five five of the constitution giving it control of the region again well leave barca is in catalonia his capital barcelona and joins me from there leave it seems that madrid really has had to move on the ongoing
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silence and clarity that they wanted from barcelona. yes it seems that case doesn't it i mean the frustration levels in madrid are going through the roof and things have been building up really over several days now this is the second deadline for the cattle government to clarify its position on independence why does it need to be clarified because there's tremendous amount of confusion as to whether independence was declared all was whether it wasn't declared last tuesday just to remind you put him on the cattle and president took the stand in parliament he unilaterally declared independence and then civil tamia sleeze said that he was suspending it for several weeks to allow for the goshi ations but gauche asians is exactly what prime minister mariano rajoy says he will not do he says that we will not mediated any way with secessionists the cattle our leaders have not been entirely quite. though they've issued
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a series of demands first and foremost though is the demand for talks they also want to see the withdrawal of large numbers of national police from catalonia and for an end to the prosecution of leading figures in the independence movement but this is how the madrid government justified their decision a little earlier in the day it was scaring the you know that he might be i mean the we deplore the efforts of the present government of catalonia to look for confrontation with central madrid the government will do absolutely everything to restore the constitutional order and to overturn the law passed in september in barcelona that ended announcing the full independence of catalonia need these are unchartered waters really for a spain that has seen you might see trouble and strife for many decades. this is indeed of course uncharted territory there's no precedent for the invoking of article one five five in mainland spain it was briefly discuss over disputes
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with the canary islands but didn't get very far or talls so it's a whole different variety of possible scenarios that could on fall and that's something that the spanish government will need to work out probably ahead of that cabinet meeting on saturday but most certainly on saturday itself those points will then have to go in written form and a letter to the senate for it to be ratified there that's expected to happen quickly largely because of prime minister roy's strong dominance in the parliament but looking at the options themselves it looks as if some of the devolved powers that belong to catalonia could be removed power over the ability to raise taxes control over education health the police so on and so forth in theory we could see the castle leadership entirely suspended at worse we could also see some key
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members of the government possibly even cause bridgeable himself arrested it's very very hard to imagine these scenarios playing out without there being a very big response from the people who voted for independence in the unrecognised referendum on october the first well for them we'll leave it there needs barca in barcelona well alberto roy is secretary general of the public diplomacy council of catalonia a body which works to promote the region to the world he joins me now from barcelona in your opinion did to the catalonian president and parliament declare independence. president of catalonia declared independence and suspended the effects of this declaration as week. by the way. he offered to start the dialogue with no conditions. your president. calls for
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dialogue has been rejected so what do you think the next move will be for mr putin . well no it seems quite clear that maybe there is no sense to keep this just the effects of this nuclear ration of independence so you've made it does not come up in the terms and accept this dialogue i think that the suspension may be lifted by the president of catalonia in the coming in the coming days probably if article one five five is it did then or saturday as expected what do you think the catalonian government will do. what i think that it's then when they will decide whether they have to lift. this space and it could appear in the coming days yeah with the possibility that madrid may move its own civil servants in to run the affairs of catalonia if article five five is it did is
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a very serious move will you will civil servants there in catalonia allow that to happen. this and there are no precedents for the use of this hour to go. this is a an escalation of the danger here in catalonia in spain this collation with no precedents and i really think that there's going to be a response coming from the from citizens from civil organizations who will not accept. is over because that was one of the main agreement of the spine of the initiative from dictatorship to democracy of the late seventy's last century one of the main. the problems the catalonian government has faced in recognition of what you have wanted to do is support of the you've just said you're hoping that people civil society will support you in spain but surely you need the politicians of the capital cities outside of spain to support what you believe in and leading up to
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that referendum nobody internationally wanted to recognize an independent catalonia so do you think you will still get any support. listen i think that the international community is spread madly wild theory is that gratian up and running with no suspension will start seeing international reacting and eventually recognise india's new reality but no it is we i was already seeing how they are reacting to the reaction of the spanish government against human rights for instance the fact that the leaders the leaders of the two main grassroots organizations for independent organizations were arrested and put in jail. a big reaction in almost all the capitals around the war games that position which does not help good deescalate this that is this rise is. currently the spanish
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prime minister mariano rajoy is in brussels meeting with other e.u. leaders at the e.u. had wanted to see both sides talk and find a couple solution do you think in terms of your route that the e.u. is still the best possible option. well natural framework we are part of the you are probably the most brilliant of being region in spain and we see i think already for the mugger see human rights but it's true it's quite shocking to see that the european commission and the institutions are not properly reacting when human rights or when basic human rights which. is not respected by a member state of the european union and the institution remain quite silent but we would expect them to be more aggressive when it comes to denounce the lack of respect for this basic. basic rights in spain for them and we will leave it there
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but roy such a general of the public diplomacy council of council early thank you for your time sir. well the other news at least forty three afghan soldiers have been killed in the attack on a military. in kandahar province the taliban say they did it it comes just days after at least eighty people died in two separate attacks claimed by the group let's go straight over to our correspondent jennifer classes in the afghan capital kabul and more details coming out of this attack jennifer. that's right so it happened in the early hours of the morning just before three a.m. the taliban setting off a car bomb they say it was an armored vehicle with massive explosives and then they stormed this afghan army base in my wand home to about sixty afghan army soldiers only two of those sixty soldiers survived without any injuries as you say forty three were killed nine were injured six are still missing in this attack and the
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army to a five who are in charge of much of southern afghanistan is investigating how this might have happened but that the attack in the middle of the night of course many of those soldiers would have been sleeping in those barracks my wand is in the in western kandahar province on the main road between kandahar and helmand lashkar gah and of course has been a bloody for security services across afghanistan we've seen a upsurge in violence against the. i think we so we have seen upsurge in violence across the country this. the attacks this week a pretty good particularly brutal not just the attack today two others on tuesday impact and in gaza killed more than eighty people and we're told by local officials the fighting in gaza he continues with more security forces coming under attack in
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the taleban continuing to attack in gaza as we speak we understand reinforcements afghan reinforcements have been sent to the area we're not exactly sure when they will get there the tell about of course have been coming under increasing pressure from not only afghan security forces but also the united states which has doubled the number of air strikes this year across afghanistan u.s. president donald trump has widened the rules of engagement allowing u.s. forces more latitude to engage the taliban before they had to be under direct attack that does not seem to be the case now and of course the americans have decided to send in three several thousand we believe to be about three thousand more u.s. forces to augment the eleven thousand troops they have here in support of afghan security forces so afghan security forces taking terrible terrible casualties against the war the fight with the taliban but certainly willing to fight back and they say they will continue fighting on as a matter fact u.s. secretary of state rex tillerson saying that the united states will remain in afghanistan as long as the taliban do not come to the peace table for the believe
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that jennifer thanks for the update. while staying in the region and a pakistani court has formally charged the prime minister nawaz sharif his daughter and son in law of a corruption allegations in july the supreme court disqualified sharif from office for not declaring a source of income investigation was sparked by the terrible paper leaks which linked him to the ownership of luxury flats in london supporters of sharif turned out on the streets of islamabad to proclaim his innocence sharif and his family deny the charges to represent the is a political analyst he says he died with a significant as it shows pakistan's justice system is working. that marks the beginning of the rule of law in a land which was otherwise known as a land where the rule of law never prevail but now this is the second prime minister as you mentioned was been only ousted now his entire family especially his daughter and his son in law and is actually father in law there all of facing
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corruption charges and the charges are so all so much support something that you did with evidence which has already been collected it was the supreme court of pakistan that ousted him and they would have done the same job but the supreme court said let the normal procedure of law take the natural course and the law and the case of corruption must be proven in that lower court so this is the accountability court which has actually started the day of justice in pakistan today the sheriff family and mr sharif have been formally indicted three middle counts of corruption of money laundering of men taking illegal money out of the country. a saudi arabian government minister has made a public appearance in the rebel held part of syria gulf affairs minister. visited syrian territory captured by kurdish led rebels to his photos show him with brett
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mcgurk the u.s. president's national envoy again i saw a state of fighters have recaptured territory from beisel including rocca the group's self declared capital in syria are reports of dancing and tap on the turkey syria border. there's been no official explanation of the visit by mr. ham this argument or. to. area but however we do understand that at this particular moment then there will be a need to rebuild. and the united states of america is hoping to tap into saudi arabia's deep pockets to be able to rebuild the area that has been damaged by months of fighting between the eyes now we know from activists hole sort that medicine to hand in iraq have this there for him met with local officials and also with a reconstruction committee but this is an issue that could raise concerns here in
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turkey because turkey consider. one of the main kurdish factions operating within the as the coalition as a terrorist organization it could be also an indication of the saudi arabia is definitely going to be a bigger role now in the future in syria. sporadic violence has broken out a rather the northern iraqi city of kirkuk days after it was taken over by iraqi government forces at least ten the shia fighters were killed when their car was attacked and the turk the political office was burnt down it comes as iraq's prime minister all the cheer militias to pull out of areas around the city and the town of sin jar his government's admitted civilians were attacked during the operation to recapture kurdish held territory charles trafford has more from erbil. sources in and around kirkuk telling us that shia militia groups now have left the city they've also left we understand the town of singe in the northwest of iraq only orders of prime minister higher body following these allegations of violations
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being committed by some groups. an admission basically that violations have been committed and avowed by the interior minister to investigate these allegations is an indication of how tense these areas still and also an indication of you know the ethnic diversity the ethnic tensions in and around kirkuk there were a number of groups inside the city took one and out of that a base the sympathetic to this operation that we've seen the iraq military do in the last few days. and i think it's also an indication of prime minister of the body wanting to show the international community how responsible he is being when it is such a potentially inflammatory situation in these areas that were disputed that are now in full control of the iraqi government well saying in the country in iraq he called his old of the arrest of a senior kurdish politician for describing the iraqi forces in kirkuk as occupiers
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. is vice president of the kurdish regional government he used the word in a statement criticizing his own party members accusing them of conspiring with the iraqi government. let's go ahead here all the al-jazeera news hour including after weeks of political uncertainty new zealand has a new center left government the new prime minister will tell you to make sure the bullets. why five united opposition governors have refused to be sworn in before venezuela's constitutional assembly and it's cool to be defending the world series baseball champion save themselves from elimination peter will be here with the story. there is intensifying international pressure. over the violent repression of the hinge of aslan's the united nations the us government told ability responsible
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calling for stringent measures to deal with the crisis a solid edge of its ripples. tens of thousands of ranger refugees are coming to bangladesh every day they say their homes are being burned and they're being chased by buddhist mobs. they describe desperate conditions and having little to eat. i mean must military denies the allegations of abuse and insists it's going after what it calls terrorists but the international community doesn't believe the claims by the military we really hold the military leadership accountable for what's happening with the writing area what's most important to us is that the world can't just stand idly by and be witness. the atrocities that are being reported in the area. there's been no letup in extrajudicial killings rights abuse rape and arson attacks the human rights chief told al jazeera the international community must intervene if perpetrators of the violence are not
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punished this is still ongoing notwithstanding the claim that the military operations have largely run down this does not seem to be the case but that could be conducted with impunity i think must be put behind us and then if. resistant. security council should consider other measures of course to be applied nearly six hundred thousand people have had to leave their homes and because many don't have any official status in myanmar there's very little prospect of return. visit. meanwhile the humanitarian crisis continues to grow temporary shelter in cox's bazaar has been set up to help fifteen thousand people stranded along the. border. correspondent reports. all this rowing director does in this temporary shelter crossed into bangladesh within the last two to three days now they were
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confined when a place called on human part about ten to fifteen thousand during the us were stranded there for the last three days they were not allowed inside one of the start treaty because the bombing of the border guard confined them there not today the authorities decided to allow them in buying other start to raise me designate a certain places for this nearly. to take shelter. we spoke to some of the range of refugees who narrate that tells of atrocities similar to what the other refugees who came in recent days told us by monday and lot of blood that burning our homes in myanmar we can't do any business work there anymore the security forces driven us out of our villages and told us go to bangladesh you're not from hand. this corroborates with the amnesty international latest report about it find me on my i'm a systematic approach of driving the most out from myanmar into bangladesh despite
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all the international pressure and diplomatic pressure nothing since you have changed me and my army since to be determined to drive every ranger muslim into bangladesh. the u.s. president's middle east envoy has told the palestinian political movement hamas it must renounce violence and recognize israel if it wants to be a unity government jason agreed let's call bed saw the first by the u.s. advancing reconciliation efforts between hamas and rival factions fatah last week the two parties side the deal i dig a decade of division putting the occupied west bank and gaza under the same palestinian authority for the first time since two thousand and seven well particularly in our washington correspondent is with me here in studio with us here patty jason greenblatt statement it's very clear and precise and how it's how he sets his stall out is just really not going to sit very well with the palestinians as well i think the question is how is it going to sit with hamas now when we first heard that they were reconciling these two groups it became then that would be the
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next step would be they could be go into negotiations with the israelis now this seems to be another love another level that they're going to have to meet and if you thought hamas might object it seems the palestinian authority is maybe ok with that here's what we heard from the foreign minister. we don't accept any conditions with anybody. being the israelis are being really the americans we behave and act on the interest of national interest and we do believe. that a consultation process is a process that we continue to got a list of the actions of everybody because it's really in their best interest of the policy and. of course in recent days we've heard of. settlement construction in the occupied territories and present trends initial comments all that issue in the occupied territories seem to contradict what the state department is saying right now about some of the bone of contention for the palestinians and the israelis it seems the goalpost has shifted once again now remember when president met with
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israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu at the white house he said very publicly at a press conference quote i hope you hold off on settlements for a little bit so that was the u.s. policy in tel settlement started being built now when you ask officials either at the state department or the white house they say that they don't think settlements are helpful to the process but at the same time asking for a freeze has never been successful so they seem to be responding to the fact that netanyahu is basically ignoring what president trump has asked him to do so again this i think for the palestinian would call into question whether or not the u.s. can be an honest broker i mean obviously jason greenbelt has been focusing on getting some services restored to the people of the west bank and gaza but there's very much question about whether he's too pro israel i know jared kushner has a point on this for the white house just to give you a sense of how close his family was to the government when one time when he was growing up benjamin netanyahu came to his parents' house and slept in jericho bed and he had to sleep on the couch so there is legitimate questions i think in the
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people who follow this as to whether or not this administration can be an honest broker in this this is really we could see a very slow process as we have done for nearly seven decades it doesn't seem like there's going to be any breakthroughs any time soon now for the better party thank you you thank. now after weeks of political uncertainty new zealand has a new center left government and prime minister thirty seven year old just sindh arden will be the country's third female leader the new zealand first party which held the balance of power following september's election has chosen to form a coalition with the labor party and the greens that ends the conservative national party's nine years in power jacinda says her government will focus on bringing new zealand's property prices under control. what will being clear through the campaign is that we all agreed that there is a housing crisis we all agreed there was a role for the state to play and we all agree we need to build that scale of houses
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the farm by been on receiving show housing we are on that regard we always say that we would prioritize putting in place it been on foreign ownership of existing houses and that has not changed. as well as opposition is refusing to swear in its newly elected governors before president but duros powerful constituent assembly which it deems unconstitutional but are a socialist government won eighteen of venezuela's twenty three states in the sunday's regional elections despite polls putting the opposition far ahead they've refused to accept the surprise when alleging dirty tricks such as election centers being moved to dangerous areas at the last minute trees a bow has more from caracas. but if i look over and take. to swear in as governor of god i will this ceremony happened in the middle of accusations of irregularities by the opposition like our challenges anyone to recount the votes in his state. do you know how hard i worked to get elected there
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were thirty five points ahead and in forty five days i terminated them and what because of that i robbed the election the people committed fraud they had to acknowledge my victory today. it's just one of the eighteen active governors who say their biggest job now is to help millions of venezuelans survive the current economic crisis. by the opposition. because they do not acknowledge. that may have played in the league was. going the way the opposition continues to denounce why. it spread from. there has been an observer in every election for the past fourteen years. we asked for accreditation on time but this time we were told that there was no time. to happen and then the
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constitutional assembly moved into october government is changing the rules of the time to. invest eight of the ruling party's candidate won by one thousand four hundred seventy one volts the problem is that the third candidate who was also a member of the opposition got more than three thousand he had resigned to his candidacy and was still in the ballot. it was clear how the opposition was affected by the prohibition to change the ballots after the primaries but there is more the relocation of voting centers effect of the opposition nationally i be election results have caused a deep crisis within the opposition the democratic unity roundtable is an umbrella organization of more than twenty political parties. we have to do a lot of self-criticism because we should never have participated in an election
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that was filled with the regularities we should have been firma. presidential elections are in one year the challenge is how to be deaf ystem that the opposition says has always been adapted to the government needs. political parties in argentina have stopped complaining for their mid-term elections are today body believed to be that of a missing activist was found. well done odo disappeared more than two months ago he was last seen at a tribal rights protest in the southern part of goni region just before it was raided by police the disappearance of the twenty eight year old spot major demonstrations the body was found in the nearby river on tuesday but has yet to be formally identified. u.n. secretary general and when you get terrorists will travel to the central african
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republic next week to draw attention to what he calls the world's forgotten crisis and violence is on the rise in the country which is split down religious and ethnic lines charlotte dallas reports. antonio good head is draws attention is u.n. secretary general and he's hoping his poll ratings staines to the central african republic my views it's also a way to draw attention to a fragile situation yet he's often far from the media spotlight. the cross the country communal tensions are growing violence is spreading and humanitarian situation is it today to a ceasefire ended civil war and cia are three years ago but the violence never really stops the country is divided down religious and ethnic minds more than one million people of either fled the country or been displaced inside it seeing a new leader forced onto a dare or told the united nations general assembly last month that his country
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still needs help. we need to remember the humanitarian situation which has worsened in many parts of our country because of the upsurge of violence because of ferocious competition for the control of natural resources like the un wants to add nine hundred troops to the twelve thousand strong peacekeeping force in ca are the confidence in the un's forces has been damaged by allegations of widespread sick child abuse the secretary general says his visit will show the un is taking the issue seriously during my visit i will be accompanied by jane connors were appointed recently to serve as the organizations first victims' rights advocates. we are determined to ensure that the voices of victims are hurt myself be ready to meet with victims and their families. of the six abuse scandal means good head is has to appear not just cia our but the un's reputation shelob ellis al jazeera.
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about four hundred thousand people have fled burundi to the democratic republic of congo since a political crisis bigger than twenty fifteen when the president. announced his bid to run for a third term the government is accused of extra judicial killings disappearances and torture welcome web reports from the said refugee camp. these people say they waited days for food to be delivered live here in luton the refugee camp in the democratic republic of congo after fleeing conflict in neighboring currently they were keen to talk to us they were issued electronic cards by the un's world food program for them to buy food if they stopped working and that's why they're waiting for food in trucks. renia banda looks after a family of twelve like many she thinks she's a victim of fraud by humanitarian workers. they give us cards that don't work the stuff kept the car that was so when we go to get food we get nothing and we go
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home hungry more than thirty thousand people live in the camp most of them were issued the electronic cards in july and which they're meant to receive fifteen dollars a month to come president told us people are now waiting for food trucks there's more than a thousand cars of since stopped working poorly play nameless the fast months there was no problem then we realized that there was some duplicate card to put up u.s.b. block the duplicate but some other people was picked it due to the some people have not been southfield for up to three months then fighting between the army in an armed group in the surrounding area delayed the deliveries for days so when the trucks finally arrived. people were pleased. world food program told us the electronic card systems worked well elsewhere but here we left some people hungry and waiting area manager told us it could be technical problems and the system makes fraud difficult and on likely. but with
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a check. remember this is. everybody you know. is. there. since the delivery made it they'll eat from now every family's given some snacks of the corn meal some of the dried peas a little bit of cooking oil and a little bit of so it's a basic diet every meal is the same and a lot of the people that we've spoken to here say they need to get some of what they collect away. from their neighbors in recent days so they have to repay this today. that's what marie says she'll have to do with some of hers she has five children of her own and looks after five others one of whom is a baby and she found abandoned when running away from militia in burundi every day's a struggle here in the camp that at least today they'll have
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a meal malcolm webb al-jazeera you send in the democratic republic of congo. well it's time for the weather here is richard with leaves as storms heading towards europe you know we've got some already in there so how about a big one another big one heading towards island is what's called a bomb explosive cycle genesis a storm system which deepens by twenty four millibars or more in twenty four hours is a bomb and that's what's heading up towards our eyes and get very interesting now across parts of spain we've seen storms in the some more general kind from the storms we cumulonimbus cloud is causing all sorts of problems across southern spain from cadiz region now we've still got those spain those storms there in evidence there on the satellite imagery moving across. yorka minorca and those are gradually going to fizzle out now you can see that that one area of low pressure up across the u.k. it's not that we're looking at is the next one which is falling on behind so there's the forecast you can see the area still might see in the western part mediterranean gradually beginning to fizzle out but still i think we'll see some
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storms hitting sardinia and then you start to see that big thing beginning to head up towards western parts of the u.k. as we head through the start of the weekend so it is likely to bring some very severe weather and it won't just impact on our own it's going to affect much of the rest of the u.k. as well the winds more of a straight westerly still coming through the bristol channel area so so the major cities in the west will see some pretty destructive winds i think the same across a good part of the u.k. so hitting a bigger area not the same intensity that storm over ireland but never so i think weather across the u.k. and indeed across the north sea region is going to be very stormy in the coming days. dave thanks richard well still ahead here on al-jazeera the european leaders meet in brussels is the u.k.'s prime minister calling for more certainty in a post brics in britain. will also tell you why indian plans to build one of the world's largest coal mines is facing opposition in australia. and the century
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former seal the good night in europe a boss a load of those details are coming up in sport to stay with us. a lot is there. from the family home of the still navigating dangerous rapids from the time we depart to the time we finish we're scared to the fission and dicing with death. i'm afraid of falling i'm afraid of dying but if i don't go i can't think my family needs the men who go to the extreme just to make a living. but you have to be a strong swimmer otherwise it's safe and risking it all vietnam at this time on al-jazeera.
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you're watching lodges there i'm still running a reminder of our top stories the spanish government says it will trigger article one five five to suspend catalonia as political autonomy the move comes after catalan president karla's boojum or warned his regional parliament could vote on a formal declaration of independence of madrid did not agree to talks female
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kurdish fighters to help defeat isel in the group's self declared capital rocca celebrated in the city streets they've dedicated their progress against to. the head of the outlawed kurdistan workers' party in neighboring turkey. is also going pressure or be about to stop the violence against the hinge of aslan's the us secretary of state rex tillerson says the us holds we have asked military leadership accountable for what is happening in the iraqi state. well let's get more on the un human rights chief is threatening to seek the security council's intervention if the perpetrators of the richenda crisis are not punished desired her rather i'll just say spoke with al-jazeera like her. the attacks by the american salvation army was met by a very methodical and well planned well organized response that did not seem to us
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to be anything remotely like counterinsurgency but a wholesale displacement of people from northern iraq to cox bazaar and bangladesh and so it had all the hallmarks of ethnic cleansing now what monitors had made clear as well is that it's not just the enforced removal of people it's also the destruction of their homes to prevent them from brittany i mean the confirmation of this will come in two forms one is harmony they're willing to accept back if it's only a trickle then this confirms the ethnic cleansing cleansing hypothesis and the second of course is that all of this would have to be confirmed when one day surely those who have committed or perpetrated these atrocities are holed up before a court and answer to a judge so that the victims can sense that to a certain extent justice will be served in particular for many years have asked
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that we not just have an office in young gone but they will be given unfettered access to northern rakhine whenever we feel when deem it necessary and this second part was not forthcoming when we made it an explicit request of uncensored she in october last year to send in investigators at a time she was telling the international community that the military had completed its operation in the wake of that attack last year satellite imagery made very clear that they had not yes and today. they received further information that what we're seeing in northern rakhine is still continuing what we have. continuing reports of extrajudicial killings reports of sexual abuses of the most horrific kind of course including rape this is still ongoing not withstanding the claim that the military operations have largely wound
4:43 pm
down this does not seem to be the case but the idea that this could be conducted with impunity i think must be put behind us and and then if. it is a myanmar resistent. security council should consider other measures of course to be applied to europe britain's prime minister has called for urgency on resolving the rights of e.u. citizens living in the u.k. after it leaves the block to reason they made the comments in brussels ahead of a key east summit. moving slowly and european union leaders are demanding britain pays a higher devolves bill that it wants to clear the hurdles may says she will make it as easy as possible for you citizens of britain to stay there. this council is about taking a strong view it's also about looking into how we can tackle the challenges of your share across europe that means a fool's continued cooperation cooperation which must be at the heart of the strong
4:44 pm
future partnership that we want to build together of course but also be looking at the concrete progress that's been made in our exit because a ship and ripping out sitting out on vicious plans for weeks at a time killing for example want to see an urgency in reaching an agreement on assistance rights. while a russian t.v. personality and socialite as a shill make a bid for the russian president see next year thirty five year old said your sub jack a liberal candidate posted this video on instagram to let people know of her plan she says the rusher is tired of the political elite and need to change she's taken part in id credited protests in two thousand and twelve however sub check stopped short of criticizing the president to what's worked as her father's deputy who was seen as putin's earliest political bed talk. always challenged choices now live from moscow what seems to be the reaction to this young lady and her bid for the
4:45 pm
presidency. well it certainly caught everyone's attention and that i think is probably what's the kremlin has been hoping for in the theatrical of russia's political system things are often not quite what they seem and yes because any sort track is going to be running on a kind of anti everything platform but there are plenty of people inside the opposition movement to smell a rat here and think that a deal has been done in some way or other essentially the kremlin has a has a problem at the moment with alexei you know the very very vocal. anti corruption opposition leader who's been traveling the length and breadth of this this country inspiring young people and getting them to turn out in large numbers to opposition demonstrations now. by running for president next year basically might's well splits the opposition votes. and become
4:46 pm
a bit of a sort of a manageable for oil that the kremlin can use she insists that she is genuine that she is going to be pointing out all the various floors there are in russia the way things could be changed for the better and she also says that if alexei in a valley is allowed to run in the election next year then perhaps she will withdraw her candidacy but as i say many people here think that not all is quite what it seems here you know his piece in fairly well they grew up to get wealth carry on so . i jumped at the and i shouldn't have. yes she she she is basically the daughter of anatoly sobchak who was putin's political mentor in his in his early years so she's known putin since she was
4:47 pm
a girl and obviously they have some sort of relationship. which is the diminutive form of her name in some circumstances that is affectionate in some circumstances though that could be very can condescending as well what i was going to say there rory i didn't mean to interrupt to forgive me was that of course so we are expecting it so coincidence really president putin to be speaking and he happens to be on national t.v. at the moment not speaking right now but we're expecting him perhaps to make a significant announcement well yeah the kremlin has been trailing this speech of the valdai conference as being quite an important one of course people have been expecting putin to throw his hat into the ring in the presidential race and say that yes he's standing for a fourth term or when russians go to the polls next march but he hasn't done so yet it is very possible that this might be the moment that he makes an announcement of
4:48 pm
course the subject is a very interesting young lady and we look forward to seeing how she actually performs or as of where this race starts for the rory thank you. al jazeera has demanded the release of its journalist mahmoud hussein who is now being imprisoned in egypt for more than three hundred days he's accused of broadcasting false news to spread chaos which he had al-jazeera strongly tonight mahmud has repeatedly complained of mistreatment during his incarceration he was arrested in december while visiting his family. and india the energy conglomerate is set to break ground on a beta coal mine in australia later this month but environmentalist are trying to stop the project they allege the company has a controversial environment record of india which it did always al-jazeera isn't merry and surely has been to the site of the back up by in northeastern australia has also visited families in india who say they've been affected by the company's practices. run tula's family have fished near the town of mundra in
4:49 pm
india's direct state for more than a century he says fish stocks have plummeted since indian energy giant adani build a coal power plant and port here. they have taken our livelihood away. we pray god sends a tsunami put an end. independent investigations for government departments and the judiciary have found adani has breached environmental laws by destroying mangroves and blocking creeks to reclaim land. it's left fisherman like ron tula struggling to make a living from the local waterways. we want relief from the situation. we feed our children. such desperation in india has many astray as worried
4:50 pm
adani is planning to open a massive coal mine in the galilee basin in the strait is north east this is where adani proposes to dig australia's biggest and one of the world's largest coal mines it will spend some thirty kilometers and it paid capacity produce sixteen million tonnes of coal a year for farmers in this drought stricken region groundwater is vital but they fear the donny mine could destroy this precious resource if that adani mine guys and it's going to be devastating cattle farmer bruce curry is fighting hard against the indian company's plans to open the mine and i've got no concern for the paper in their own country why would i have any more concern for people in our country in his statement to al-jazeera the adani group denied all allegations that it caused environmental damage in india it says the new mine will bring jobs and deliver
4:51 pm
royalties that will benefit us straight marianne jolly al-jazeera central queensland australia. you can see more of various jolly's full program australia's five games all one of all the starts this thursday at twenty two thirty g.m.t. here on. sports on his pizza really on the american football that won't go away so is continuing two days of meetings between n.f.l. owners officials and players have failed to create clear guidelines on whether players are required to stand during the national anthem dozens have been kneeling over the past year to protest against racial inequality gabriel is on the reports from new york. robert kraft the powerful owner of the new england patriots football team arriving but making no comment one by one the owners made their way into the closed door meetings with n f l commissioner roger goodell and at times representatives from the players' union and ongoing controversy about some players
4:52 pm
taking a need during the national anthem to fight for social justice has caused some fans to boycott saying it's unpatriotic. after the meetings concluded the n.f.l. zz top boss said the league believes its patriotism before protests we believe. everyone should stand for the national anthem that's an important part of our policy it's also an important part of our game that we take great pride in and it's also important for us to honor our flag and to our country and we think our fans expect us to do that but importantly beleaguered won't punish those players who refused to do so. pleasing some of these protesters who are outside i'm morally against the fact that the n.f.l. is even entertaining the conversation to silence black players and to silence protesters to support the players and support the message that they're actually.
4:53 pm
trying to advance the n.f.l. is trying to satisfy these people to supporters outraged with the players protest attendance is down and so are t.v. ratings but the league knows the game rests on the shoulders of its players and it needs to get them on side we want to make sure that we're understanding what the players are talking about and that's complex one of the things in our communities that our players are expressing but that's not satisfied president donald trump who views the protests as an american n.f.l. too much talk not enough action stand for the national anthem the president's tweet read echoing the sentiments of some fans again framing it not about social justice and freedom of expression but rather patriotism commissioner goodell made it clear he does not want the n.f.l. involved in politics like it or not it is and with the situation still unclear the
4:54 pm
focus now moves back on to the football field and this weekend's games to see if players will continue their protest if they do what the reaction will be from the fans and president trump gabriels on doe. york. it was a special moment for barcelona as leno may see in the champions league on wednesday as he neared city's one hundredth goal in european competitions their opponents olympiakos had scored an own goal but then gerard piqué well he was red carded boss of double daily though thanks to missy bringing up that century in european competitions three one the final score there was also a thrilling six goal encountered stamford bridge between chelsea and roma devon louise and aiden has offered to go before roman level the telling club even took the lead but then has are the ones the man that level matters three all the final score and it was a good night back in europe for returning by munich coach you pyke us they ran out of three no winners against celtic of scotland denmark so
4:55 pm
a women's team could be expelled from world cup qualifying after calling or friday's game with sweden duty would dispute over pay and conditions they seeking pay equality with the men's team something achieved by neighbors norway this week the team is now in the netherlands to prepare for their world cup qualifier paul reste winter imminent to find out more. on a level playing field at last the norwegian women's football team training for a world cup qualifier against the netherlands have just secured a world first off the pitch. becoming the first female national team to receive the same pay deal as their male counterparts first i was i was really surprised because i didn't know about it i read it in the newspaper so i was really happy and i really respect us and they want something way women's football hopefully more nations will well did the same and i am really proud that they're the first nation
4:56 pm
today. the team's pay is set to almost double going up to seven hundred fifty thousand dollars a year there's also twenty five percent of revenue from major tournament that's less in women's football than in the men's game but no white women qualify much more often now not only is this field the first of its kind in the world it's also been very friendly while other countries such as denmark have been in quite little dispute with their football associations over better pay this deal was suggested by the norwegian f.a. and it includes a financial contribution from the men's team the players here say they feel an important sense of unity from norway's myal internationals who volunteered seventy thousand dollars towards the agreement for the men's then to give us money to make it equal pay it was just. really gentle and it's just really really big
4:57 pm
esther jester from them and we are really thankful this is like just a really good thing to have on the way because you don't have to worry about the money is coming in or whether you should quit football or rather study so hopefully more women playing football longer in norway and then we will have more really high level players so we can. norway's qualify in coning in as against the dutch side that one euro twenty seventeen a few months ago with the dutch men meanwhile failing to qualify for next year's world cup holland's women may help a better deal may soon be on the table for them as well paul reese al-jazeera and the netherlands the chicago cubs have stayed alive in the race for a place in baseball's world series the defending champion speed the los angeles dodgers three two but two home runs from salvia bias help the cubs to victory they now trail three one in better best of seven series. doping is an issue that's been on the radar in recent months and it's made its way into dog's leadings top race
4:58 pm
that's a rod several dogs who race in the world's most famous laid race of tested positive for a banned substance called tramadol race officials are giving the name of the dog sled driver involved several dogs tested positive for the pain reliever in march who would have thought to leave it there for now so most would later thanks very much peter and of course you follow all of the news that we cover here on our web site down to zero dot com i'll be back with more news on the other side of the break a little and from peter and all of the state thanks for your time and your company . a journey both dark save you know there's of a forever there's a lot of corruption and beautiful like the beautiful lady you have to be very patient and audi's osa losing has ascended i was introduced to a. my father and my most aware of king fahd king fahad the personal story to
4:59 pm
discover the source of one of the most expensive commodities sent from heaven this time on al-jazeera. and hundred forty one on the. u.s. and british companies have announced the biggest discovery of natural gas in west africa but what to do with these untapped natural resources is already a source of heated debate nothing much has changed they still spend most of their days looking forward to for the dry river beds like this one five years on the syrians still feel battered or even those who managed to escape their country have been truly unable to escape the war. news has never been more available it's a constant barrage of it with every day but the message is a simplistic you have the frame the good logical rational crazy monster and misinformation is rife dismissal and denial well documented accusation and evidence
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is part of genocide the listening post provides a critical counterpoint challenging mainstream media narratives of this time on al-jazeera. and. every. well.


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